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Welcome to Pop Wilder

Welcome to our website!

We want to welcome you to the brand new digital home of the wonderful workings of POP Wilder, and while you're here, we also want to help you get to know us a little more!

So, What is POP Wilder?

A team of plant enthusiasts with a passion for interior spaces, and first-hand knowledge of how indoor plants can transform your space and better your quality of life. We truly believe plants enhance our inner wellbeing as a result of enhancing our physical environment.

Based in St Kilda, Melbourne, shop founders Mishka and Rudi have backgrounds in horticulture, landscape architecture, visual art, and psychology. Their knowledge and passion blends perfectly to satisfy their ultimate goal of improving the physical and mental wellbeing of our community through the joy of plants.

Why plants are important to us (and should be to you!)

Plants are more than just a pretty decoration: they are gateways to mental and physical wellbeing. We know that a well-designed space is conducive to mental health. We know caring for plants is a meditative action. We know that keeping plants in the home connects us to the natural world and improves air quality.

Our vision is to be your go-to store in Melbourne for high-quality, affordable, gorgeous plants, as well as the horticultural and design knowledge needed for you to fill your interior spaces around Melbourne with life.

Come visit us in-store to discover how plants enhance your space and your life!

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