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Plants as Zodiac Signs

Pop Wilder has so many lush plants in store waiting to be paired with their astrological twins. Here is our curated list of plants that match each star sign While some of you might be placed in fire, or air, or water, we all certainly need more earth in our homes, so come visit our store in St Kilda Melbourne and pick up your plant baby soon!

Aries - bird of paradise

Aries placements are determined, bold, ambitious, and high energy - exactly like the statement bird of paradise plant. Reaching for the stars, this plant reflects Aries' sense of initiative and lively spirit.

Taurus - Peace Lily

Taureans are regarded as dependable, honest, and hard working. Just like Peace Lilies, they are low maintenance and easy to care for - they will let you know you when they need something!

Gemini - Devil's Ivy

This star sign is known to be flexible, extroverted, and clever - traits that are reflected in the esteemed Devil's Ivy plant. This is one of the most popular indoor plants, and with good reason - they can adapt to most environments and bring such lush greenery to your space!

Cancer - Cactus

Cancers have a reputation for having a hard exterior that masks their hyper emotional personality. Similarly, Cacti have a thick, spiky wall that stores their precious water within their stem and keeps it from evaporating.

Leo - Neon Pothos

Leos love being the stars of the show and standing out amongst the crowd - just like the Neon Pothos plant. These vining beauties have a bright green hue that makes them stand out amongst the other plants, and when grown out the Neon Pothos looks just like a lion's mane.

Libra - Kentia Palm

Librans are peacemakers, they are reliable, easygoing, and friendly people. Kentia Palms encapsulate the Libran personality with their soothing appearance and durability. This plant is easy to care for a super adaptable.

Scorpio - Fiddle Leaf Figs

Scorpios may seem calm and subdued but they have a tonne of emotions beneath their surface. They enjoy the stability of routines, just like Fiddle Leaf Figs which requires constant sunlight and careful watering. Fiddle Leaf Figs are a prized possession and beautiful indoor plant, but they will let you know when it's not happy about something!

Sagittarius - Happy Plant

Just like the Happy Plant, Saggitarius placements are super fun, assertive, and compassionate. They are intelligent and optimistic, just like this plant that is said to ward off evil spirits in your home.

Capricorn - Snake Plant

Capricorns are intelligent, organised, and goal oriented. They are sticklers to the rule, just like Snake Plants which grow tightly upwards and will survive just about any conditions.

Aquarius - Heart Leaf Philodendron

The humanitarian sign is assigned the Heart Leaf Philodendron to symbolise the love and peace they bring to the world. They have a zest for life just like this vining plant that can endure many conditions.

Pisces - Calathea Peacock

Known for being the most emotionally sensitive sign, Pisces are just like Calathea Peacocks that dramatically and graciously display their emotions to the world. They are creative, imaginative, and whimsical creatures.

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