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4 Benefits of Propagating Plants

As summer comes to a close, it’s your last chance to propagate your plants! There are so many benefits to giving your plants a trim, so you might as well make new plant babies while you’re at it.

1. Save money

We ALL love the exhilaration of giving our friends plants, so why not make your own plant babies to gift? Propagating your own plant allows you to create a brand new plant baby from your existing plants. All you’ll need is a propagation station such as the ones we have in store!

2. Encourage more growth

While it may seem unintuitive, propagating or trimming your plants encourages healthier and stronger growth! Chopping off leggy areas of your plant will create a full shape, and will likely cause the plant to push out new growth elsewhere.

3. Cloning a special plant

All our plants have a special place in our hearts. If you have a rare plant, one that is sentimental, or perhaps a particularly luscious plant, then propagate it! Why look elsewhere when all you need is right in front of you.

4. Shaping a plant

Finally, chopping off some leggy vines or overgrown areas will allow your plant to look shapely and full. Certain plants simply look better with a haircut, or perhaps you simply like a shorter, fuller look. It’s up to you to decide!

Pop Wilder sells propagation stations in store, which are the perfect accessory for any plant lover. Come visit us in store to get your hands on one.

Let’s get propagating!

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