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We first started our workshop series in 2019 because we wanted to create a hub for our POP Wilder community to learn new skills, have fun and get creative. 

These workshops will cover everything from plant care 101, to arts and crafts events, and may even give you the opportunity to get some friends together to have a cheeky boozy art night.

Hosted in spaces across Melbourne, or booked to come to you, we're certain to have the perfect workshops for you and your guests


plant parenthood

Learn how to raise your plant babies right - join us at our NEW Plant Parenthood workshop 🌱


Do you love plants but have a brown thumb? 

Our Plant Parenthood workshop will run you through the ins and outs of being the best plant parent you can be!

Learn about watering and light needs, soil mixing and repotting, pruning and pest control, we'll cover it all!

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