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commercial & residential plant styling

Oscar Charlie Hair / Port Melbourne VIC 3207

bird of paradise by pop wilder
bird of paradise, monstera, fiddle leaf fig, devil's ivy in a salon by pop wilder
A lush hanging Heart Leaf Philodendron in a pot on a shelf inside a business.
A pink speckled plant in a pink pot placed on a counter in a business. Behind are more plants including Ctenanthes and a spider plant.
monstera and fiddle leaf fig plant at hair salon by pop wilder

Styling session by Pop Wilder / Hawthorn East VIC 3123

A large Kentia Palm plant in a bathroom with a Ctenanthes plant.
residential plant styling by pop wilder
A large Umbrella Tree plant placed in front of a large window indoors.
a large fiddle leaf fig by pop wilder
A medium Burgundy Rubber Plant placed inside a business on a shelf. There is a long hanging Heart Leaf Philodendron plant and a small Monstera Adansonii Totem beside it.
A Weeping Fig Tree beside a couch and a Heart Leaf Philodendron Plant inside a business.

Brossa Design show room / Collingwood VIC 3066

A Blue Moon Peace Lily in a gold pot placed on a chest of drawers inside a business named Brosa.
Numerous Burgundy Rubber Plants placed inside pots in a furniture store.
Monstera plant by pop wilder

Royce Hotel Melbourne / Melbourne VIC 3004

A wall of hanging Devil's Ivy inside a business.
A Draceana plant placed beside a couch in a furniture store
bird of paradise styling by pop wilder
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